How does lanyon die

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Lanyon is a large event management platform that has numerous modules to help businesses plan and execute different events. At the same time, it offers several modules and features for hotel management, procurement and property management. Lanyon has been a popular software for quite a long time. It was introduced in 1984 and can be considered.

dr lanyon died because of seeing the transformation of dr jekyll into mr hyde.lanyon is the only person to see hyde actually transforming into jekyll.something that does not fit the laws of science.when sees the change he cannot cope with the fight between his common sene view of the world and what jekylls experiments reveal "i ask myself if i.





Lanyon dies soon after and leaves a letter to Utterson that is only to be opened on the death or disappearance of Dr Jekyll. Utterson, being a good lawyer, locks this away in his safe. Utterson..

With these words, Lanyon dies, and his uncompromising rationalism ceding to the inexplicable reality of Jekyll. Dr. Lanyon&x27;s rational science and Jekyll&x27;s also shows a stark contrast between the conservationists and the innovators during those times, when the Victorian ideals collided with the changes induced by Industrial Revolution. Example essay.